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After qualifying as a nurse Norma joined British Airways and during years of extensive world travel, developed her interest in travel medicine and the health of the returning traveller.

On returning to nursing as a practice nurse in a surgery requiring a broad range of travel health skills, Norma was able to capitalise on her comprehensive experience of travel medicine. She took the lead role in establishing several travel clinics within a number of varied general practice environments.

After gaining a degree in Community Health Care Nursing and becoming a specialist practitioner Norma left general practice to focus wholly on travel medicine by accepting a post as Travel Health Nurse Advisor. Within this role she gained extensive experience of teaching travel health to nurses and doctors and she progressed within the role finally becoming national manager of the nurse advisor team.

In 2004 Norma became an independent specialist nurse in travel health and immunisations whilst completing her travel medicine diploma at Glasgow University.

She then established and continues to manage two private GP clinics. She works in association with several multi national companies providing travel health services for their business travellers and training for their occupational health nurses. She is a member of several vaccine policy advisory panels and is frequently asked to write articles for healthcare publications. In 2006 Norma accepted an invitation to become a member of the Faculty of Travel Medicine of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Glasgow.) During 2006 she also accepted a post as an associate trainer for yellow fever centres for the National Travel Health Network and Centre. Working as a medical facilitator for VSO completes what is a very full and challenging role. Norma’s passion for travel however drives her to keep looking for new ways in which Travelfit can help travellers and those that advise them.

She is a member of The British Travel Health Association, The International Society of Travel Medicine and The Royal College of Nurses Travel Health Forum.

For any queries contact norma@travelfit.co.uk


Norma Evans
RN BSc Dip Travel Med. MTFM RCPS (Glasgow) FP Cert
Dip Ast Care